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Dynamometer Testing

 Hesco has three dynamometers, an engine (stand) dyno, a chassis dyno and a marine dyno for boats. All three use water absorption units and each has the ability to "load" the engine to simulate actual conditions and allow optimum tuning throughout the RPM range. Other dynos generate power curve printouts like ours by sweeping from idle to max rpm's & back, but will not reveal heat-related problems manifested only when the engine starts heat soaking. Call for more information or an appointment.

The system collects real-time information on temperature, fuel flow, fuel pressure, mixture, engine torque and RPM's and transmits it to the analysis computer.

All three Dynos display data live on-screen, allowing us to monitor the data during the run while it is automatically collected for the post-run review and report.  We are able to set high and low alarm limits, making it obvious when an engine exceeds normal operating range.  Sweep test information is automatically recorded between a starting rpm and and ending rpm.

Engine "Stand" Dyno
The stand dyno is used for testing / tuning engines before they're installed. The engines are bolted to the water absorption unit using adapters and shaft. The dyno / engine is separated from the controls and operator by two layers of safety glass with a layer of Lexan in between for added safety. The accessibility of the engine on the stand makes tuning, part swapping and re-testing feasible.

The absorption unit on this dyno is made by Stuska Engineering. Interface and software are manufactured by DEPAC.

Chassis Dyno
The chassis dyno has two 8.5 inch diameter, full length rollers recessed into the floor. The rollers are connected on one side to a 2000-pound inertia wheel for resistance and on the other side to the water absorption unit. This dyno reads both wheel and engine horsepower and torque. It is ideal for a quick runs.  Setup time is kept to about 15 minutes due to easy drive-on access and a dedicated rollup door. Other dynos can take up to an hour to set up. We can do as many as 20 cars a day, which makes it ideal for club days or meetings.

This is a DYNOmite chassis dynamometer, supported by DYNO-MAX 2000 PRO interface and software by Land & Sea.

Marine Dyno
Our marine dyno is also a Land & Sea unit and will dyno outdrives and outboards. There is a 650 H.P. maximum limit for marine applications.



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